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Digital twins for the company
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Digital twins and books are based on large-scale
scientific project

years of research
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Technology consists of three software and hardware systems with built-in digital twins for calculating HR-parameters: for the population, for an individual and for a company.
The technology was developed based on thirty-three years of statistical studies of the influence of the total lifestyle index on population characteristics in 120 countries of the world. The technology does not require highly paid specialists, expensive laboratories and allows both individual and mass screening of the population to predict and manage the limit values of life expectancy, biological age, life quality, workability and aging rate for both individuals and populations (companies).
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Active & Sports
Longevity helpers

Extend your sports longevity and reduce your biological age. FREE.
Sports longevity
Active longevity
Tests for other sports disciplines are in development
Although the tests have received a great deal of positive feedback, the company continues to work on improving these tests. We would be grateful to visitors for any advice, recommendations and suggestions. In the future, the company plans to create a portal for the "Active Longevity" project, taking into account the demographics of different countries.
We have similar plans to create a "Sports Longevity" portal for all sports, also taking into account the demographics of the athlete's country of residence.
Extend your active
longevity and reduce
your biological age.

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Meet our team

Prof. Yury Gushcho, Dr. Sc.
Olga Kristoffersen
Power Engineering Institute;
Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation;
State University - Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics.
Doctor of technical sciences.

Specialties :
electrical engineer, applied mathematics and mechanics, optics, digital and analog programming. Specializes in boundary value problems of mathematical physics, modeling and forecasting HR and workability for population, company, family clan and individual depending on their lifestyles.
State University, intercultural communication specialist, University
of Colorado, Denver, USA, Bachelor in International economy.
University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) Department of Nursing and Health Sciences.

intercultural communication, corporate research & governance, business collaboration, refugee consultant/program advisor.
Worked in Opti-Switch AS (Norway),
NAV - Norwegian Labor and Social Welfare Administration, Organization and Management for the Health and Social Sector (Norway).

Executive Director
Founder and CEO
The author of 126 inventions
(math and physics)
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